A Close To The Edge theme refers to a particular concept, model, approach, or way of thinking which I have incorporated into my view of the world. I consider these themes essential to my “cognitive toolkit” – they help describe behavior, the universe, thought, and countless other topics I encounter.

Here is the collection of themes I’ve discussed so far, as well as ones I hope to discuss in the future.

Behavioral Economics:
Status Quo Bias
The Paradox of Choice
Prospect Theory

Calculating Probabilities
Randomness is Everywhere
Skin in the Game
Availability Bias
Risk and Uncertainty
Alternative Histories
Survivorship Bias
Conditional Probability

Game Theory
Dominant Strategy
Network Externalities
Bounded Rationality
Mixed Strategy

Logic and Science:
Deduction vs. Induction
Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

Thought and the Self:
Critical Thinking
The Antilibrary


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