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Stephen Hawking in two and a half minutes

What has Stephen Hawking given to our understanding of the universe? An amazingly effective animated talk tells you – in under 3 minutes. (HT: Farnam Street) Advertisements

Humility in academic discourse

I’ve often attributed the unfortunate state of public discourse at least in part to “experts’ ” refusal to admit mistakes. It may be a personal pet peeve of mine, but rings true throughout the realms of politics and economics. Why do we have such trouble admitting when we are wrong about something? As any scientist […]

It is in our nature to predict

Often, it can seem as if we feel compelled to make the predictions we make (either in economics or in our daily lives). Even when we have little to no information, or when that information is shaky, we predict. In The Signal and the Noise, Nate Silver highlights the evolutionary motivations behind our incessant need to […]

Incoming Books

Here are a few books I’m excited to have come across my desk this week: Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan. He’s the author of Naked Economics and provides a great introduction to some fundamental economic concepts there. Jane Austen, Game Theorist by Michael Suk-Young Chwe. I’ve heard it’s a unique perspective on Austen’s work, through the eyes […]

Tuesday Talk: Who are scientists?

Crystal Dilworth says scientists aren’t always the people we expect them to be.

Tuesday Talk: The Filter Bubble

I’ve shared this talk once before, but it’s so essential to our learning and existence these days. We often have no idea how much information we have access to online, or more particularly, which information. Sites like Google and Facebook do much more “invisible algorithmic editing” of what you see online than you think, creating a bubble of […]

The Art of Choosing

HT: Barry Ritholtz. Great discussion (a little on the long side, but very informative) on the complexities of choosing. “It is a mistake to think that everyone thrives under the pressure of choosing alone.” – Sheena Iyengar