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Stephen Hawking in two and a half minutes

What has Stephen Hawking given to our understanding of the universe? An amazingly effective animated talk tells you – in under 3 minutes. (HT: Farnam Street) Advertisements

Science and the humanities in harmony?

Thanks to Miles Kimball for sharing this article from Steven Pinker arguing that there is much more common ground between science and the humanities than we often realize.

Tuesday Talk: Nonprofits

The talk raises some interesting points with which I agree, but I hold significant points of discord as well (as do many others). Are nonprofit CEOs paid too little in general? How much would hiring a top-flight executive to run a nonprofit improve its ability to raise money and help more of the needy? (Tough […]

It is in our nature to predict

Often, it can seem as if we feel compelled to make the predictions we make (either in economics or in our daily lives). Even when we have little to no information, or when that information is shaky, we predict. In The Signal and the Noise, Nate Silver highlights the evolutionary motivations behind our incessant need to […]

Education and Technology Startups

A few years ago, Peter Thiel founded a program offering a $100,000 fellowship for entrepreneurial students interested in startups NOT to go to college. Yes, you heard right. His thinking was that building “world-changing companies” didn’t require an expensive bachelor’s degree. Well, Vivek Wadhwa points out that there haven’t been many startups from Thiel’s fellowship […]

Incoming Books

Here are a few books I’m excited to have come across my desk this week: Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan. He’s the author of Naked Economics and provides a great introduction to some fundamental economic concepts there. Jane Austen, Game Theorist by Michael Suk-Young Chwe. I’ve heard it’s a unique perspective on Austen’s work, through the eyes […]

Tuesday Talk: Who are scientists?

Crystal Dilworth says scientists aren’t always the people we expect them to be.