About “Close to the Edge”

I am an economist by trade, and as such, many posts will be economics-related: current research interests (of mine and of others), topics in current conversation, and basic economic principles in everyday applications. It is increasingly important to have a fundamental understanding of some of the basic notions underlying economic thought, and thought about economic issues. I hope to encourage education and discussion regarding these notions – with friends, students, colleagues, and total strangers!

By love of wisdom, I mean a dedication to critical thinking, engagement of the mind, and the pursuit of knowledge. Whether the venue is academic, philosophical, spiritual, or popular, the journey for wisdom is one worth investigating. To take on such a task requires a willingness to be open, to participate in a conversation, to consider criticism, and to challenge our own perceptions of the universe. With the aid of this blog, I hope to encourage my own thoughts, and to spark yours as well.

And yet, to suggest a pursuit of an awakening may seem naïve. I hope you will learn that more than anything, I am humble in my acknowledgement of what I do not know. I will continue to learn every day, and as I develop that process, as I explore my own encounters with my mind, I invite you to join me. Share. Listen. Challenge. Discover. And – most of all – think. [*Edit: I encourage you to read the first post-welcome entry, which discusses the notion of curating one’s life.]

[The title of this blog is a reference to an album of the same name. I will, from time to time, share albums on here which are meaningful to me.]


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