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Matching markets in scientists and brides

This is a share of a great post from Presh at Mind Your Decisions on matching markets. Unlike the market for slices of pizzas, matching markets are characterized by two groups of agents (buyers and sellers, of sorts) who need to be properly matched up to engage in a transaction. Think of individuals in need of […]

Currency versus Corruption

Demanding bribes is a common form of corruption around the world. It can greatly impede economic transactions when there is an extra “cost of doing business.” Organizations like Transparency International collect data on corruption on a global scale – in which nations is the problem most serious? Corruption is a major economic concern, particularly in […]

Instagram and Survivorship Bias

Welcome to the Spring 2014 semester – I’m happy to be blogging again! I was linked by a friend to this critique of the photo-sharing site Instagram – or, to be more accurate, a critique of a frequent pitfall in how some people interpret the photos of those they follow. Much like the users of […]

Sunday Sound: Lyla

2003 – Avishai Cohen: Ascension