Monthly Archives: December 2013

Strategies in the gaming industry

From the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, a great piece on pricing strategies in the industry for gaming consoles. In particular, the article describes Sony’s over-pricing of the PS3 at launch in 2006 – and Microsoft’s potential repeating of this mistake with this year’s $500 XBox One. A good read for gamers and economists alike! […]

Tuesday Talk: Gratefulness

A little late for the Thanksgiving deluge of talks on being grateful, but powerful nevertheless.

Very big and very small

Nate Silver describes his approach to forecasting – an approach much more widely applicable outside of forecasting in my view: In the most competitive industries, like sports, the best forecasters must constantly innovate. It’s easy to adopt a goal of “exploit market inefficiencies.” But that doesn’t really give you a plan for how to find […]