Tuesday Talk: Nonprofits

The talk raises some interesting points with which I agree, but I hold significant points of discord as well (as do many others).

Are nonprofit CEOs paid too little in general? How much would hiring a top-flight executive to run a nonprofit improve its ability to raise money and help more of the needy? (Tough to quantify the marginal product of a given individual in that role.) Should donors be more willing to see their donations go to nonprofit marketing and “overhead”? (Such endeavors might ultimately extend the reach of the nonprofit, but many givers are reasonably hesitant to give money that doesn’t go directly to the cause.)

The talk raises some important issues about the psychology of giving, the role of nonprofits, and approaches to tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. What do you think?



  1. Here’s a link to an EconTalk podcast with him.

    Not as concise as the TedTalk, but I think it helps clarify where Pallotta is coming from and his incentives. I have to admit I’m still out; I have not previously been a fan of this idea of marketing for charities, but perhaps I’m wrong.

  2. […] should offer high executive salaries to attract skilled individuals to run their operations (which I discuss with an accompanying video here), the mission of ALSA clearly includes public awareness campaigns and support for individuals with […]

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