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Sunday Sound: Mingus Ah Um

1959 – Charles Mingus: GG Train Advertisements

A different economic model: Panera Cares

Or, as Quartz puts it, “How a restaurant with no cash registers and no prices makes money.” The mechanics of these special Panera locations: There are no prices listed next to items on the menu boards and no cash registers. Instead, donation boxes sit on the counter, with signs telling customers: “Take what you need; leave your […]

Chemistry is Tricky

Thanks to Ryan Mattson for sharing this link in which Derek Lowe debunks criticisms of some of the foods we consume on the grounds that they contain chemicals we shouldn’t be ingesting. For example, an uninformed author suggests brominated vegetable oil shouldn’t be part of our diet, since “Bromine is a chemical used to stop CARPETS […]

How credible is putting money where your mouth is?

Noah Smith would say “not as much as you’d think.” We like to think that a willingness to bet on a particular prediction means I have a strong belief in its occurrence. If I said “I’ll bet you $100 the Atlanta Braves win tonight,” it may be tempting to interpret my offer as a statement […]

Tuesday Talk: Technology and Africa

On a continent where internet connectivity and consistent electricity can be challenges, Juliana Rotich and her team tackle the problem with new technology of their own: the BRCK, a kind of a backup generator which allows you to maintain your internet connection even when your power goes out. Lack of stable IT infrastructure is a […]

The Premortem

Behavioral Finance guru Michael Mauboussin discusses biases in decision making, and offers a checklist with some simple tips for improving our decision making (HT: Barry Ritholtz): Raise your awareness: Incomplete information and lots of uncertainty leads to poor outcomes Put yourself in the shoes of others: Consider the point of view or experience of other people Recognise […]

Sunday Sound: Things That Fly

2010 – The Infamous Stringdusters: Magic #9