Tuesday Talk: Behavioral Game Theory

From Colin Camerer, well-known behavioral economist discussing the amazing connections between neuroscience, game theory, and economics.

(Also, why chimps are better at game theory than humans are.)



  1. did i miss him explain WHY the chimps are better? i just heard that the chimps ARE better.

  2. He claims they are better because they play the games much more closely to the mathematical solution to the games, as predicted by game theory. So, the theory says a certain approach is optimal. And the question is “who plays nearest to that optimal strategy?” Research suggests that chimps do more so than humans.

    (Good) Economists are always trying to draw the connection between the (sometimes complex) solution to an economic problem, and individuals’ actual, real-world ability to solve the problem and arrive at that solution. Here, the research is demonstrating the limitation, to some degree, of our ability to reach such a solution – and chimps’ surprising lack of such limitation.

  3. oh i see. i thought he might explain why chimps do this more so than humans. i’ll stayed tuned for that!

  4. […] Here is research from Colin Camerer discussing the limitations of humans’ ability to play […]

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