Nudged by Google

Google offers generous benefits for employees including meals and snacks, but the policy turned out to have some unintended consequences – people wouldn’t eat so healthy with all that good stuff around!

Enter the nudge: by using simple applications of psychology, such as placing the salad bar at the entrance of the dining hall (diners are more likely to load up on the first thing they see), or arranging vending machines with water bottles at eye level (increasing the likelihood of drinkers going for water instead of a soft drink), Google was able to encourage healthy habits and still maintain choosers’ freedom.

The story is here from ABC News.



  1. […] Google employees have been nudged to develop healthy eating habits by the company. Google has organized cafeterias placing salad bars right at the entrance, since most eaters are likely to load up on the first item they encounter. Vending machines stack spring water at eye level, making less-healthy soft drinks more challenging to find. Story here. […]

  2. […] info (such as highlighting the environmental friendliness of appliances). It can encourage healthy eating by putting the salad at the entrance to the […]

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