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What should determine “Best Picture”?

Dave Berri is willing to give much greater consideration to the revenue generated by a movie as an indicator of its “best”-ness. After all, if it’s the movie everyone wants to see, then surely it can’t be bad, right? Movies are not a product made just for the members the academy.  These ventures are primarily […]

Tuesday Talk: Additive Manufacturing (aka 3D printing)

Lisa Harouni gives an overview of the notion of 3D printing. I did not know that this technology has been around for 30 years. There’s been a lot of buzz about 3D printing as a potentially groundbreaking development – both for good and for bad (what about 3D printing firearms?).


HT to Noah Smith for this classic version, titled “A Tale of Two Cows.”

Sunday Sound: Live at Cully Jazz

2011 – Avishai Cohen: Soof

The opportunity cost of economic prosperity

Andrew Sullivan describes how a growing level of wealth through economic advancement has necessitated the expanded government safety net: […] the forces that free market capitalism unleashes are precisely the forces that undermine traditional forms of community and family that once served as a traditional safety net, free from government control. He links to a […]

Critical Thinking

Recently stumbled across a great resource from The Foundation for Critical Thinking. More than ever, the role of critical thinking is essential to our discourse – and particularly in economics. How we discuss ideas is a direct product of how we think about those ideas. In particular, critical thinking is about: raising appropriately, clearly defined questions; […]

Wicked Problems

Jay Rosen from NYU warns us to beware of wicked problems, a particularly nasty class of problems we often face. What is a wicked problem? Wicked problems have these features: It is hard to say what the problem is, to define it clearly or to tell where it stops and starts. There is no “right” way to […]