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Facts are to the mind what food is to the body. -Edmund Burke (HT: Miles Kimball) Advertisements

Price Discrimination, Political Affiliation, and Nintendo

Two different and unrelated examples of price discrimination today. First (1), from Allen McDuffee (HT: Ezra Klein): A conservative shop owner is charging liberals an extra dollar for smoothies in his new I Love Drilling Juice and Smoothie Bar in Vernal, Utah. The owner takes the additional tree-hugging surcharge and donates the money to political conservative groups, […]

Tuesday Talk: Do Nothing

  Related post from a week or two back (and theme) here. It really is important to take time for your mind to shut off and recharge.

Feynman on the flower

  On why science and art don’t have to be in conflict. (HT: @sullydish)

Sunday Sound: Live at Newport

1957 – Count Basie Orchestra: Swingin’ at Newport

An assertion …

[…] is often an empirical question, settled by collecting evidence. The plural of anecdote is not data, and the plural of opinion is not facts. Quality peer-reviewed scientific evidence accumulates into knowledge. People’s stories are stories, and fiction keeps us going. But science should settle policy. –Susan Fiske An essential distinction, and plainly stated. What […]

Bounded Rationality

When working with economic models, we typically need to characterize the behavior of some agent or group of agents. An agent may be a consumer, an investor, a firm, or a government – essentially, a decision-making actor. So, to discuss an agent’s ability to make decisions, what should we assume about that ability? These assumptions […]