Improving Journalism

Dedicated to Shaina, a list of some important facts every journalist should know, including:

  • “the importance of data and facts and figures” in transmitting information in stories;
  • the role of journalists as arbiters of information: “Journalists are no longer people who hold scarce information and serve it up to a passive audience; they are essentially managers of this overabundance of information.”

I truly feel a tremendous hurdle to solving real-world problems in economics and politics is out ability to have an intelligent conversation. Opinions are often misinformed, both on the nature of the problem we are facing and on the proposed solution. Journalists can (and more importantly, should) play a vital role in facilitating constructive discourse.



  1. RSMattson · · Reply

    I think journalism would be helped greatly by certain schools requiring more analytical skills found in math, statistics, social, and physical sciences. With the exception of one really good student over five years of teaching, my experience has been that journalism students in economics courses are some of the lowest performing in both math and writing. But then again I can only speak for one school.

    1. most journalism schools do not require a lot of math. my cousin was able to take an intro to musical composition class to fulfill part of her math requirement. its crazy to me as well.

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