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Looking for some learnin’?

I wanted to provide some resources for those who are interesting in learning more about economics – via free online courses. This is a trend which is likely to continue to grow in coming years, and there is some great material starting to surface online. Despite holding a position teaching economics face-to-face, I see online […]

This Explains Everything

This Explains Everything is this year’s release, a collection of responses to the question What is your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation? Just as I’ve spent the last year or so poring over the pages of This Will Make You Smarter, I look forward to doing the same with this one. I hope it […]

Tuesday Talk: What is the debt limit?

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What does google do for you?

From Nicholas Carr: Google searches have always been more cut and dried, keyed as they are to particular words or phrases. But in its original conception, the Google search engine did transport us into a messy and confusing world—the world of the web—with the intent of helping us make some sense of it. It pushed […]

Sunday Sound: The Pursuit

2009 – Jamie Cullum: Just One Of Those Things

Judaism and Comparative Advantage

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Randomness is Everywhere

How good are humans at identifying the role of randomness? Not very, apparently. As individuals, we like to look for concrete causes when events occur. We naturally pick out patterns in observations. We search for explanations, relationships, correlations – anything to help us make sense of how the universe works. It’s an instinctual endeavor: You […]