Be humble

I have a personal pet peeve when it comes to talking about leaders or experts, and this clip captures the precise source of it: (Tough to embed, but only 2.5 minutes on external site.)

Malcolm Gladwell’s point: far too often, individuals in positions of power or influence (either politically or academically) are far too overconfident in their statements/predictions. This can have very dire consequences for those under said influence. In the words of Gladwell:

If incompetence is the disease of the novice, overconfidence is the disease of the expert.

This is particularly sensitive to me because I value experts who are careful in their statements, who understand the limitations of their knowledge, and who are, well, honest. Especially in economics, where statements are often of the if-then variety, and must be taken with caution. I’d rather have the scientific truth than someone blowing smoke to sound like they are more certain than is even possible.


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