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60-second adventures in … religion!

A new series to accompany 60-Second Adventures in Thought (and Economics): 60-Second Adventures in Religion: Advertisements

Tuesday TED Talk: East vs. West

Critical Thinking

I agree 100% with each one of these, which come from Hamilton College professor Paul Gary Wyckoff. What do I want my students to understand about critical thinking? (Hat tip: Shane at Farnam Street) 1. The ability to think empirically, not theoretically. By this I mean the habit of constantly checking one’s views against evidence from […]

Sunday Sound: Seven Seas

2011 – Avishai Cohen: Ani Aff

Who cares about the debt?

Apparently, almost everyone. Jennifer Rubin links to a poll by the group Public Notice (a non-partisan organization who supports fiscal responsibility and “criticize[s] both parties for engaging in irresponsible spending”) which suggests that in their findings 88% of those polled believed the national debt has impacted personal or family financial situations; and 58% of those […]

Bioethics and “Choice”

How both conservatives and liberals use the defense of “free choice” when convenient, and one man’s view on when choice is trumped by social duty: What is to be made of the invocation of “choice” as a popular tool for winning a political battle — or of rejecting “choice” as the right way to win […]

Are YOU too busy?

Great article from Tim Kreider: The ‘Busy’ Trap